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What Features to Look for When Selecting a Trading Broker?

There are certain features that a trading broker must possess to help traders combat the competitive markets these days. These can be related to margin trading, trading platforms, leverage trading, commission, real-time market analysis, etc. The list is extensive, and every potential trader should pay attention to it. Here are some important features a day trader can consider to make their trading journey as smooth as possible. 

Margin And Leverage Trading

When a day trader trades on margin, he tends to buy more stocks by borrowing funds from the trading broker. This enhances the purchasing power of the day trader. In simple words, margin refers to the difference between the value of the day trader’s account and the amount of loan he asks for from the broker for executing the trade. It’s worth mentioning that margin and leverage go hand in hand in trading. In other words, a trader can only take advantage of leverage if he opens a margin account. Leverage lets a day trader open significant positions without paying the full price with their own funds. Some of the top features based on pionex review include integrated research, alerts, signals and many more.

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Short Locates

For day traders who wish to short-sell, the feature of “short locate” is very important. Since certain priced stocks are difficult to borrow, the day trader needs to identify the shares first from the trading broker prior to opening a short position for the stock. Thus, when looking for a broker, you can see if they offer short locates as well as a “sell back” option for a trader who no longer requires the short locates; they can simply sell them back in exchange for the credit.

Trading Platform

A day trader would be nothing without an efficient trading platform, as they would not be able to execute trades and stay on top of the news. Thus, day traders must make sure that they choose a trading broker with a reliable trading platform. The broker should have everything you need for trading in the markets. It should have a solid charting platform with technical and fundamental indicators. 


Real-Time Market Data

This is yet another feature which traders must pay attention to. Accuracy is needed to make efficient trading decisions, and a trader is at considerable risk if he is not able to access accurate market data. Thus, it is vital for day traders to choose trading brokers that can offer real-time market information to compete in the financial markets. Before selecting a broker, read the most recent forex reviews and comments, including those from brokers review like freshforex review.

Commission Structure

The commission structure is an important feature that many traders neglect when choosing a trading broker. If a trading broker has a high commission or fees, it would mean that your profits are being eaten unnecessarily. Hence, for a day trader, it is vital to choose a broker with a fair commission structure and no hidden costs. Furthermore, the broker should maintain transparency and disclose the commission and fees on their website. Ensure to go through all the relevant details regarding the brokers’ commission structure before you sign up with any. In case they don’t disclose this information, it is best to avoid them.

Pre And Post Market Trading

Day traders can also take advantage of pre and post-market trading in case there is a suitable amount of liquidity on the stock. This is important to both longing and shorting; thus, the percentage of traders interested in pre-market and after-hours trading. Thus, choosing a broker that can enable traders to trade within these timeframes could really help them to earn more profits by taking advantage of numerous opportunities available in the market. With a reliable broker, you can trade anytime, be it 8:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m.  

Customer Support

A trader should be able to contact the broker’s support team whenever he wants. This is important because, as a trader, many things can go wrong, and you would require immediate assistance. Choosing a broker that can offer 24*7 aid is a good idea so that you can have peace of mind that the broker is available for you at all times.


Although choosing a trading broker is a very personal decision; however, there are certain features that a typical broker should have. The features mentioned above are some of the most important ones you need to remember when choosing a trading broker. However, no two trading brokers are the same; hence you need to choose one that can suit your needs and requirements.